Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eco-Friendly Existence for Beginners

Going green, or eco-friendly, couldn’t be easier now more than ever before. No matter how rural our homes, most county landfills now offer the opportunity to recycle. We all use paper, glass, plastic and metal each day. All we have to do is separate them in different containers and put them by the curb, in most cases.

That’s just one simple way to ‘go green’. Another ‘free’ way to conserve energy is by planning your trips around town. If you have to go to the cleaners, take the kids to soccer and ballet classes and pick up a few items at the grocery store, planning is easy. Rather than three separate trips, or even two, try to combine trips. You can even plan it out on, including your stops, using the most economic route.

Another easy green tip: use cloth shopping bags. Cloth bags are reusable and available at most major retail stores. Target and Walmart both have them. Keep your bags in the car, in a convenient spot so you don’t forget. I keep several bags, all inside of a bag, behind the passenger seat. If you have to use plastic, reuse the bags once you bring them home. They come in handy as small trash can liners amongst other uses.

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