Thursday, June 4, 2009

Solar Powered Bus Shelters equals Light Plus Wifi

If you find yourself in San Francisco, new solar-powered bus stops might make the wait for a bus more pleasant. Last week they unveiled the first solar-powered shelter which contains photovoltaic cells on its roof that power LEDs for night-time vision. Excess power is sent back to the grid.

To top it off, San Francisco’s new shelters will have free Wi-Fi access. The city expects to install 1,100 new solar-powered bus stops between now and 2013. That means a blanket of free Internet across the city, handy to get email or work done while waiting.

Each shelter costs between $25,000-$30,000, but they are being paid for in full by Clear Channel Communications.

Check out the prototype shelter at the corner of Geary and Arguello in the Richmond.

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