Wednesday, September 9, 2009

But, how can I help?

But, how can I help?

With energy costs on a constant rise and income seemingly on a downward spiral, solutions must be found to reduce our energy bills. Reliance on oil, coal and other sources causing enormous greenhouse gas emissions are poisoning our air and warming our planet. Solutions must be found that not just reduce our utility bills but reduce our carbon footprint as well.

As an individual I found myself thinking the same thing over and coming up against a wall of 'buts'. 'But I can't afford it', 'but I don't have the land for a windmill', 'but easement trees block the one side that solar would work on'. Hundreds of thousands of people will say 'But I rent'.

I've found that even though you rent, don't have the land for a windmill or, in my case, easement trees block the solar receiving side of my house, there are solutions, information and answers.

I can still buy LED light bulbs to replace my incandescent and CFL lights. My home has 48 light bulbs, I counted after learning that the average household has between 50 and 100. I can still replace a bulb or two each month with LED bulbs. It may take time and money but in the end over a ten year period I stand to reduce my bills by $6,538.08, that's nearly $55.00 per month using these bulbs.

I can and will buy solar powered, motion detection flood lights for the outside of my home. I have three of them for security and illumination. I also have a pole light out front which will be replaced with solar as well.

I can and did buy a Worx Two in One trimmer/edger, it runs with a rechargeable battery. A later blog will be about buying and using the Worx.

I can and will buy small wind turbines like the ones found here on my site: They are small and can be mounted any where. They are also made of recycled plastic, are portable and can be moved with you from home to home.

I can and do recycle metal, plastic, paper and glass. I use cloth shopping bags and when I forget, I always reuse the plastic bags I get from the store. So yes, you can help in more ways than one. Follow the steps I am and we'll both save a lot of money in the long run.

You know, I think I'll look into a solar water heater next.

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