Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Economic Stimulus Package at Home

What do you think about the current state of affairs and the way our government has acted in the past year to resolve or overcome them? What about the economic stimulus package that turned out to be nothing but a free gift to big banks, big business and benefit everyone but you and I? The cash for clunkers program worked pretty good but don’t you think they should have tried something of that nature first and not last? These are our elected officials who represent us in our government so that our interests as American, tax paying citizens, are watched out for. That is a joke. The only ones in this country being watched out for are fat cats and politicians.

I believe that the economic recovery of our country begins with us, the ordinary citizen. We don’t need politicians making bad decisions that our great grand children will be expected to pay for. We don’t need the media with their doom and gloom portrayal of our future, broadcasting it every chance they get.

What we need are the incredible people of this country who have awesome and wonderful ideas, begin to move and act on those ideas to bring positive change and improvement in their lives and the lives of people around them. There are an infinite number of things to invent, improve, develop and nurture into existence. If you are considering starting an internet business, our friends at can help you. Our lives are blessed with incredible opportunities that we only have to imagine and focus on to bring to life.

On top of that we have this amazing and incredible planet to help save from ourselves. There are friends at where you can find virtually anything to reduce your carbon footprint and help save the planet for future generations. Even holiday gifts to help others do the same. There is an awful lot to be done and we need to start doing that right now.

This is Thanksgiving, one of our most honored holidays, and I give thanks that we do live in such an incredible country, on such a magnificent planet at this extraordinary time in our history. I believe that everything will be fine if we believe in ourselves, help ourselves and others beginning on the local level, and do what we know to be the right thing.

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