Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quick Tips for Doing Business Online - Tip One

Now that you've decided to form a company, it may need structure. If you plan on having more than one business, web based or otherwise, you can organize your company in one of two ways.

First, for a single company and web business, you can use the same name for both. Try to think of a great name for your company and website. Less than three words long, it should be short, concise and easy to remember.

See if it's available as a domain name. If you only plan on running one business, using the same name for your business as you use for your website can save you a step, plus a few dollars. A domain name search can be done at, as well as registration, site hosting, site and logo design, even business identity services.

Second, using a different name, your business name will not be the same as your domain name. You need a name for the business, as well as what's called a Fictitious Name or d/b/a - Doing Business As, for each web business. It can help to make sure your domain name doesn't come up in a company name search.

Domain owners doing business under a name other than their company name should register with their Department of State, Division of Corporations to do business under a Fictitious Name. This can usually be accomplished through your State website and will involve a fee.

Forming a company requires a lot of knowledge and detail. Filing your Articles of Incorporation with the Department of State for your company is not the same as the Fictitious Name registration. Both may be needed, or just one.

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