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Permanent Makeup, a Real Time Saver

Permanent Makeup, a Real Time Saver
by Sheila Morrison

Are your lips invisible? So pale they cannot be seen or so thin as to resemble a line drawn on your face? Until now the only thing you could do about it was to use time consuming, frustrating, temporary cosmetics. If you misapply, you have no choice but to remove it and start over. This is where learning to color in the lines while a toddler comes in handy.

Permanent Makeup, also known as Micropigmentation is a permanent, painless form of tattoo that can take the time and energy out of having to put on makeup every day. Items that can be tattooed are eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, lip liner and even full lips. Like anything of quality, it can be expensive but GQ Nail Salon, located in Orange Park, has the expertise to make it worth while.

To begin the Permanent Makeup process, call the salon and make an appointment for a free consultation. During your consultation you will be speaking with an experienced and well trained, certified and licensed professional Technician who will completely explain the procedure, answering any questions you may have.

GQ Salon's expert has over fifteen years experience in permanent tattoo. After ten years of hands on experience in her homeland, she was trained at the Academy of Health and Beauty in Orlando and certified for Cosmetic Tattoo in 2005. She returned to the Academy of Health and Beauty for her Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo certification in 2009. Through continuing education and dedication she stays on the leading edge of technology and the latest procedures.

First, your choice is temporarily colored on, allowing you to change design or color as you prefer. Once decided on, a numbing agent is applied for 45 minutes to an hour.
Let yourself be absolutely pampered for this part of your day. Sit comfortably while the numbing agent takes affect and have your nails done or enjoy a stone pedicure. Relax to soothing music and absorb the feel of good vibrations around you. Take time for yourself to achieve the confidence that comes with knowing you look good.

Allow several hours for any permanent makeup you decide on, the amount of time depends on what you have done. There is no rush. Patience is required for such delicate work The time spent is won back as permanent cosmetics can save 15 minutes a day or 91 hours a year, according to one website.

There are many reasons why Micropigmentation appeals to people. It is hassle free, waterproof and you need never remove it before bedtime. You can go to sleep and don’t have to worry about waking up with raccoon eyes. Become designed, defined, and refined with no 'summer makeup meltdown' ever again. It boosts your self esteem and self image. Permanent makeup allows busy people to be on top of their game, or at least look like it. Wake up looking like you just stepped from your salon.

If you either don't want to wear a lot of makeup or spend a lot of time and money applying and removing cosmetics, it's terrific. It works great for women who have difficulty applying make-up because of poor vision or physical limitations, such as arthritis. This is a great alternative for those who are allergic to cosmetics, or who have watery eyes or hay fever.

Permanent cosmetics are great if you want a radiant, carefree look while exercising, not to mention it eliminates smearing and smudging while you sweat. This is a wonderful answer for people who wish to change the shape and shade of their lips or eyebrows, for men and women who suffer from brow or hair loss, or who have sparse or fair brows and lashes.

GQ Nail Salon also offers facials and eyelash extensions,. Extensions last one month. Their Permanent Makeup expert attended Pro Nails and Beauty School in Orlando, gaining her Eyelash Extension certification in 2007 and is extremely talented.

You should understand that Permanent Makeup is a non surgical procedure more akin to what you might receive in a doctor's office (e.g. Botox injection) and not at all like a typical beauty treatment such as having your hair done.

For a few days, your permanent make-up will appear darker or brighter, and thicker than what it will heal to. When taken care of properly, it heals without scarring and lasts for several years. If needed a touch up session can be done 4 to 6 weeks after your first application.

Permanent makeup actually can be lightened or changed using several sessions to alter color or shape. GQ's makeup expert would be happy to assist you in changing what you do not want, and adding what you would like.

GQ's technician will use sterilized single-use needles and supplies that are individually packaged and opened in front of you just before the procedure. She has on display a current certificate showing compliance with OSHA and is registered with the Health Department. GQ Nail Salon uses only Premier Pigments and SofTap colors which are the best and longest lasting pigments in the industry.

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