Thursday, April 1, 2010

We are the Catalysts for Our Economy

We are the Catalysts for Our Economy
by Sheila Morrison

If you want to help your friends, neighbors and countrymen then we need to do something positive for them and ourselves. If you can buy a car, do so. If you can buy a house, buy one. If you can buy a new pair of shoes, lawn mower or a set of golf clubs, do what you can. Better yet hire someone. This will infuse energy, vitality, and momentum into the system by putting them back to work.
Economists have predicted it will be the small business owner who brings us back. Our money flowing through the system is more powerful than the government handing out billions.
We control our economy and the country responds to us. In fact, we are our economy and as such we should exert better control over it. Rather than listening to doomsayers and negative thinking we need to create our own opinions and ideas. Once we have a positive thought set we need to act on it. Go buy those shoes!

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